When asked what I do... WELL,  I photograph humans and wild horses, paint animals, create digitally art, and design campaigns for conservationists. I tend to think that I create images that inspire and maybe make people pause for a moment.  - to take that closer look - at the world. 

While my beginnings in photography came with the Wild Horses of the Sierra Nevada, my passion for animals has been a life long kinda thing and has grown into being their advocate and voice.


Born and raised in Germany, I worked as a model at an early age and performed as a choreographer and actress. I studied in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and lived for about 1,5 years  ( let's be exact here :) in Tel Aviv - Israel.  I ventured eventually to NYC and found my home there for 7 years as an actress, photographer, painter, film maker and digital artist. Now I just founded the Cecil's Army Series, an upcoming web - series about real cool and game changing WIld LIFE conservationists.  I can look back on National Geographic Publications ( I blame my beautiful dog ELSIE)  and I have been named one of the most popular photographers in 2015 and ahhh 2016 by Viewbug, a photography online magazine. At the moment I devide my time between Philadelphia and Germany - amongst other travels for the Series. Seeing Africa was breathtaking.

 I believe that we all must change the world for the better, that we must speak for those who don't have a voice - in any way we can. I hope I can accomplish this through my art.

Feel free to join Cecil's Army Project , or just to say HELLO.