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Another way to express my fascination with the wild ones! Sadly we are driving many wild animals to the brink of extinction. The latest study confirms that at this point % 30 of the African elephant has been wiped out. Its is our generation and only us who can change this.

Red White'n Blue, American Mustang

This is my very new painting series in the making WhiteRed'n Blue, American Mustangs, mixed media. I am very excited to show those paintings, advocating for the beautiful wild American Mustang, a horse like no other but also dwindling from the American land.

There is a forest not far away...

I just love the magic of trees. Being born in the black forest may have instilled  a love for the green giants, but I also find comfort and a sense of tranquility amongst their presence. Going on an assignment to shoot forest images for a book cover brought me back to that place.


A wonderful event to attend as a photographer. Watching the crowd's excitement and celebrating Bobby's book was just fun to watch. The long line for the signing was just giving evidence to Bobby's popularity. I wish him continued success.

Flower girls

Flowers and women, flowers and brides, flowers and girls....

Nicol Floral Design photo shoot

A real fun and well orchestrated photo shoot with the amazing Nicol from Nicol Floral Design.

Flowers were everywhere and in all colors and style. The decision making process was challenged due to the incredible display of flowers. But we managed and I love the results !

The last wild horses

Their land has been vanishing and countless roundups and holding pens have been imprisoning most of the wild horses of the United States of America. I had the honor and privilege to live among the Mountain Pryor Mustangs in the northern tip of the Sierra Nevada, About 400 wild horses were managed on a sanctuary and were still able to roam free. Today the numbers provided by the BLM of CA, state : around 32,000 wild horses are left within the USA.